African Mahogany Wood Countertops and Table Tops

African Mahogany

General Description:

African Mahogany is an exotic and imported hardwood that is figured and "broken grained". It is characterized by vertical bonds of varying luster and vessel markings in which the ribbon effect is intermittent. The heartwood varies from light to deep reddish-brown.

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Janka Hardness



Wide range of color variation from light to deep reddish brown.

Color Change:

Color is reported to change from light pinkish-brown when freshly cut to a dark reddish shade, usually with a purplish cast, upon exposure.


Fine grain with interlocking parallel runs at times (ribbon).


Relatively soft hardwood that has long been a premier choice for high end furniture and millwork. Usually the grade is excellent and average width is wider than most domestic hardwoods.


Finishes smoothly and takes stain well.