Ash Wood Countertops and Table Tops


General Description:

Ash hardwood belongs to the olive family, although its only fruit is a dart-like winged seed. It is the wood choice for major league baseball bats because of its strength and shock resistance.

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Janka Hardness



Hardwood Ash has interesting color variations. The outer portion of ash planks usually have light almond tones while the heartwood tends to be a deep reddish brown.

Color Change:

Ash exhibits a medium degree of color change as this wood ages to a slightly darker color over time.


Ash has very similar graining to Red Oak with a bold open grain, and wavy figuring.


Ash hardwood is heavy, hard, with very good overall strength and provides great wear-resistance.


Because of its large pores ash hardwood is seldom stained but takes all other finishes very well.