Pecan Wood Countertops and Table Tops


General Description:

A dense, tough, coarse-textured wood with white sapwood and reddish-brown heartwood. The color and graining patterns will have variations from brown in the heartwood to white in the sapwood. Certain stains will amplify this effect. The finished look of a Pecan is usually described as “Rustic”, “Wild”, or “Natural”.

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Janka Hardness



The sapwood of pecan is white, tinged with brown, while the heartwood is pale to reddish brown.

Color Change:

Pecan will darken slightly with exposure to light.


Pecan has a straight, sometimes irregular grain and is coarse in texture.


This wood is known for its strength and shock resistance. It is durable and provides great wear-resistance.


Pecan requires some care to obtain a smooth finish and can be difficult to stain.