Reclaimed Antique Longleaf Pine Wood Countertops

Reclaimed Antique Longleaf Pine

General Description:

The term 'antique longleaf pine' refers to wood that is over 100 years old. Typically, this type of pine is wood recovered from old homes, barns or other structures. With its rich amber color, its tight grain, its structural stability, and historical significance, reclaimed wood renders immense value to a residence or a commercial structure.

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Janka Hardness



Longleaf pine ranges from a deep orange-reddish color for the pieces with heavy pitch to a pale straw color.

Color Change:

Over time, Longleaf Pine will amber to a darker yellow-tan color.


Longleaf pine has a dense, tight grain pattern.


Reclaimed Longleaf Pine is known for its strength and durability and its resistance to wear.


Some finishes have difficulty adhering to Longleaf pine and it can be difficult to stain.