Sipo Mahogany Wood Countertops and Table Tops

Sipo Mahogany

General Description:

Sipo Mahogany has similar characteristics to Genuine Mahogany. The heartwood is fairly uniform red- or purple brown; well demarcated from the light brown sapwood. It is one of the leading woods for manufacturing of exterior joinery and nautical constructions. Often produces a striped ribbon figure.

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Janka Hardness



Light brown sapwood and reddish brown, mahogany-like heartwood.

Color Change:

This wood is light brown-red when first milled, then darkens significantly over time.


Interlocked, irregular grain with medium texture.


Sipo Mahogany is a fairly soft hardwood. This wood's constant and even quality makes it a much-sought after variety.


Stains and finishes well.