Zebrawood Wood Countertops and Table Tops


General Description:

Zebrawood is typically sold in a quartered selection to maximize the contrasting striping that gives this wood its name. With distinct brown/black lines alternating between a tan colored background, Zebrawood is often used for design accents.

Janka Hardness



The sapwood of zebrawood is whitish and distinct from the heartwood, which is pale yellow brown with narrow darker streaks. The striping pattern can vary considerably (hence its name), and that pattern can be maximized by quarter-sawing.

Color Change:

Zebrawood, over time, undergoes a medium degree of color change, with the ambering and darkening of the straw/tan background into a more golden brown base as the dark striping becomes even darker.


This lustrous wood has a texture ranging from medium to coarse, with a grain pattern that is usually wavy or interlocked.


Zebrawood is one tough species. For this reason, it makes a great material for wood countertops.


It may sometimes be difficult to obtain a clean, smooth finish.